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It’s time to get your beloved skis out of the closet. Are you sure you’re ready to start over in the best possible way?

Whether it’s been months and months since your last ski or you’re in the middle of winter, remember that maintenance of ski is critical! Self neglectedin fact, they might be less efficient or even be dangerous. Remember to always have a Check full we take care of your equipment, your skis!

Skiing and maintenance: why it matters

Very often we fans of the Mountain we tend to focus on Preparation physics and on training, considering this aspect as the only truly remarkable one. L’equipment on the contrary, like our body, it is a fundamental aspect to obtain excellent results on the track, but also for enjoy make the most of our skis!

For this the development of a routine from ski maintenance it is a really fundamental aspect to be able to face the days in the mountains in the best possible way. It should also be remembered that proper preparation of the skis will significantly reduce the possibility of accidents. Small checks and adjustments will avoid, for example, the risk of the bindings unhooking, making the skis safer and more practice.

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The most important steps in ski maintenance

For a good ski record, some aspects are more important than others, such as the Preparation ski edgesthe waxing and the setting. To better prepare for the next ski season, it is essential to recognize when our skis need an intervention.

In this sense, it is useful to know how to control the slats which, afterUse prolonged, they may have to come back sharp: if they are slightly grooved to the touch, maybe they will have to be adjusted again! Lamination of skis can hardly be done manually by enthusiasts, so you can turn to skier Rossignol Pro Shop professionals.

Together with the edges, the waxing will also be checked, whose function is to make the insole water repellent in order to improve the candy ski. If you allow the sole to dry out after many skis or long periods of sleep, you may find yourself slowdowns And accelerations involuntary, especially if the snow is fresh. In these less than optimal conditions, we impose ourselves on the skier effort further to reach the end of the track.

Apart from the maintenance of ski edges and the application of wax, other important steps are certainly the draftthe smoothingL’footprint it’s a polishing. By relying on the Rossignol Pro Shop ski preparation service, you can choose the most suitable maintenance for your skis and your needs.

Discover the professional experience of Rossignol Pro Shop ski preparation

In our stores you will find the Ski preparation service. Our technicians will follow you closely and offer you the most suitable ski treatment for your equipment and theirs. terms. The preparation offer may include:

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Roughing, welding, leveling, indenting, sheets, polishing


Sheets, polishing


Smoothing, imprint, adjustment


Smoothing, printing, finishing, hand edging, hot waxing


Sheets, polishing


Short, medium and long blocks

How often should skis be serviced?

However, we believe that a final question arises spontaneously: so How often is it necessary to do maintenance on our skis? Unfortunately, there are none answer uniquefor this reason we would like to advise you in two cases: each time you return necessary, so when you notice small drops in performance in skiing and always before starting the ski season. Some also prefer to include one in the routine maintenance extraordinary for to finish season, just before storing our skis for the summer. With this little extra care you will be able to best preserve your equipment, without fear of finding it damaged at the start of winter.

Come and visit us in our Pro Shops and discover all the secrets for always perfect skis.

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