Why do you need a purchase advisor?

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The help of a purchasing advisor is essential to find the sports products and equipment that are right for you.

If you are a fan of winter sports and of outdoor activities in general, you already know that equipment is a key part of your experience. Whether you want to take a qualitative leap by choosing products from a higher range or need to buy everything you need for a new adventure, you can always visit us in our Pro Shops.
Finding the right products, however, may not be easy. The product lines are divided into several subcategorieseach product is intended for Needs individuals and making a mistake can cost you dearly! This is why we have thought of an exclusive service, which allows you to orient yourself without any problem in the world of Rossignol products: the Personal Mountain Shopper, our purchasing advisor.

What does a buying consultant do?

Having a Personal Mountain Shopper at your disposal means being guide And accompanied of a highly specialized characterwho will guide you through the vast world of Products And linesadvising you and leading you to choose the equipment that will revolutionize yours days in the snow: go ski until snowboardgo boots until’Clothes technical and relaxed.

A dedicated technical advice will help you discover the most suitable ski for you: a specialized Personal Mountain Shopper will be able to tell you which skis are best suited to your style and yours level of live, showing you all the secrets of our most popular lines, from the HERO range to specific products for women or children. If you want to start your trail adventure, the right gear is best awareness of product they will make the difference! But a Personal Mountain Shopper is not only ideal for those who want to learn to ski or who are beginners: if you are one experienced skierchances are you want to try different styles, maybe devoting yourself to freeriding or trying snowboarding. Discover all secrets of products, choose the right equipment and continue to live the mountain experiment New disciplines.

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Don’t forget either that paired with the right skis, the boots adapting to your foot will improve yours performance in Track and they will make it easier for you if you need to learn a new discipline! Each style has its own boot: from free ride until Nordic skiing, our Personal Mountain Shoppers will guide you in choosing the ideal boot. In our participating Pro Shops, you can also benefit from the valuable advice of a professional bootfitter: thanks to the perfect combination of technology and experience in the field, you can’t go wrong with your boot!

Not just hardware

Another very important aspect when it comes to mountains and skiing is certainly theClothes. Protect yourself from coldfrom wind and of snow it will make you live truly unforgettable days, during which you will have to think of nothing but absolute pleasure! This is why it is important choose the right outfit that will accompany you on the snow: water-repellent and highly insulating jackets, very warm fleeces and pants for all needs, Rossignol products will keep you warm and dry even on the busiest days. Getting your bearings in the choice may not be easy, for a day on the track it will be essential to have a technical outfit, while to finish the day in the city you can opt for a watch After relaxed. In our Rossignol Pro Shop you will find all the most suitable clothes for every moment of your vacation

Book your consultation

Visit the page dedicated to Personal Mountain Shopper Service and make an appointment now to take advantage of this truly unique service. Live with us new shopping experience!

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