What to put under your ski pants

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Ready for your ski vacation? The latest fashionable jacket and tracksuit looks fabulous but… what to wear under ski pants? Forget jeans and the like – they are simply NOT suitable for low temperatures.

Do you already know thermal underwear? It’s the right solution to not feel any other strong sensations on the track than those of adrenaline!

What to put under your ski pants

Remember those detestable woolen tights we wore under our ski suit? They kept warm, it’s true, but how much itching had to be endured!

This unpleasant feeling today is only a memory: most of the clothes of thermal underwear is made with soft and light materials they ensure Heat And breathability as long as they are worn.

So how can you resist the cold of high altitudes, possible precipitation or the heat that develops during physical activity?

Dress like an onioni.e. to LAYERS.

And this is the very first of the layers I’m going to tell you about.

Are you ready for a descent among our tips on how to dress for skiing? Depart, away!

1. Essential base layers


The under layers, first layer in Italian it is all those clothes in contact with the skin and that is why they are also called close to the skin.

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They perform very important functions for your well-being, for example:

And in case of particularly low temperatures or if you are simply intolerant to the cold?

No problem, you can also wear several tights: thanks to technical materials in which they are made, you will only perceive comfort and well-being.

Finally, what should be the IDEAL base layer to wear under the ski pants?

  • Member, to follow you on your travels.
  • Thin, so as not to be bulky.
  • Comfortable, like a second skin.

2. Base Layer Materials

The natural is beautiful, they say.

It will also look good, but in this case it is not very functional.

Take for example the natural fiber par excellence, the cotton and imagine your fresh cotton underwear… no, let’s leave the freshness aside for another occasion, in the mountains you need something else!

So let’s go back to the cotton tights: they will certainly be comfortable for hers. flexibilitybut in terms of breathability we are not there at all.

If you still want to search for the right garment among natural fibers, maybe wool can be for you.

Very warm, comfortable, soft, it seems to be the perfect material also for its ability to absorb perspiration, but… how long does it take to dry?

At this point, the synthetic fabrics: they literally dominate the market with a varied offer from the point of view of quality and cost.

You want more than one good reason to convince you to choose your clothes in technical equipment?

  • They absorb sweat.
  • They are breathable.
  • They dry quickly.
  • They are light.
  • They are flexible.
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In fact, the best material for your underwear to wear under snow pants is the one that best suits your needs.

For example, to achieve maximum warmth and the necessary breathability, you can opt for a combination of merino wool and synthetic fibers.

3. Heavy base layers


All the different layers you can wear under yours ski wear they are different in material and also in weight.

the fabric weight it is expressed in grams per square meter: the higher the number of grams, the warmer the fabric. Depending on their weight, they can be divided into three categories.

170-200 grams: they are there best choice when the temperatures are not too low and for sports activities of medium intensity. If they are too thin, you can easily wear two pairs. Their function is that of a “second skin”: they absorb moisture and provide warmth.

200-300 grams: They are usually worn alone or over a light base layer with a thermal insulation function.

More than 300 grams: ideal in very cold weather, they are thicker and generally worn over light underwear. They are less adherent but still comfortable.


Longjohns (tights) are named after John Long Sullivan, an American boxer who lived in the 1800s, who showed up in the ring wearing tights.

Pants length

If the weight or the material is decisive for the choice of your underwear, it is not the same for the length.

You can choose between two different types:

  • Long model: this is the standard length that reaches the ankle
  • 3/4 model: ends just below the knee and is perfect for those who don’t like having an extra layer inside the boots.
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One type is as good as another, there are no particular differences: just choose the one you find most comfortable.

ski wear guide

What not to wear under your ski pants

In conclusion: thermal underwear MUST be part of your clothingski wear.

It is the ideal solution to keep the body warm, without feeling that unpleasant feeling of humidity caused by perspiration.

For example, consider wearing a regular pair of jeans under the ski suit: cold aside, do you know where the sweat produced by your body would end up while you ski?

There, directly on your pants because it is not made of breathable fabric.

And the compression pants? They fit well, apparently they could be as comfortable as a base layer.

But try to wear them when temperatures approach the freezing point: impossible to resist, they are not suitable for low temperatures.

And what do you wear on the ski slopes to protect yourself from the cold?

Did you already know about thermal underwear?

Write to us and let us know, any suggestions are also welcome.

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