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This particular historical period triggered a series of changes in the lives of many people. In the last two years we have seen a meteoric rise in outdoor sports, especially those practiced in the mountains: just think of the popularity of hiking and the great success of mountain biking. This is why Rossignol, with its deep knowledge of the mountains, has decided to expand its collections, to further diversify the products and to offer a trail running clothing lineto live a 360° alpine life, in all seasons.

You approach outdoor sports and are looking for multi-activity, versatile and ideal products for spring and summer? Are you planning to do your very first trail running experience? In this case you will surely have understood that theappropriate clothing it is essential: it must be comfortable, functional, breathable, perhaps with reflective inserts to make you visible even in the dark.

But beyond these general guidelines, what are the elements that really make the difference in trail running? Read on and discover all the best tips to find the most suitable outfit for the climate and the spring season.

Trail clothing: Always choose items with breathable materials

Do spring trail, especially during these milder and almost summery days, we must orient ourselves towards particularly breathable clothing, which is therefore able to let perspiration escape, keeping the skin always dry. At Rossignol we have combined versatility, style and technicality: our products are equipped with a 20,000 mm membrane, ideal for guaranteeing an optimal level of waterproofing. The breathabilityon the other hand, it is around 20,000 gr/m2/24h.

Tees and tops are the perfect all-around, well-timed piece of clothing for the spring trail, ideal for any day, from the mildest to the warmest. These garments promote air circulation and allow better thermoregulation. Better to choose super breathable models that can dry quickly. clothes like the Tech Light Tee for men or Women’s W Tech Tank Top by Rossignol are the ideal choice to accompany you in your spring trail sessions, adapting equally well to days spent mountain biking. As with shirts, pants should also be stretchy and breathable. In this case, also remember to pay attention to chafing: to run long hours, some runners prefer to use short and loose running shorts such as the Short Trail W for women or like ours Lightweight Escaper Shorts like a man!

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Dress in layers

Mountain lovers know it well: the weather can be really unpredictable. For this reason, choosing the right clothes is important so as not to feel the cold, the rain and the wind that can come even suddenly. The same goes for the heat, a factor not to be underestimated even in spring, when the temperatures seem milder anyway. The best choice is to opt for a layered outfits, which will allow you to face any situation in the best possible way. However, remember that there are very specific rules to follow when practicing outdoor sports, such as three layers. The first layer, also called the first layer or base layer, is the innermost one, that is, the one that must wick sweat away from the skin: a breathable underwear, comfortable, elastic and reliable, it is the fundamental base to face long spring walks in the mountains. Immediately after, it goes an intermediate layer, the middle layer, whose purpose is to better retain heat. Finally, we find it outer layerwhich will serve to better protect us from possible atmospheric agents such as wind or rain.

The perfect underwear

Even for simple spring walks in the mountains, as for the most intense trail running sessions, it is necessary to opt for the right underwear, shorts and sports bras with natural and/or synthetic fabrics that ensure breathability, fast drying and reduce the formation of bacteria and irritation. To better enjoy physical activity outdoors and in particular in the mountains, in fact, it is important to consider the importance ofheavy perspiration. Faced with intense sporting activity, sweat can remain in contact with the skin, creating great discomfort in the athlete. Wearing wet clothes outside is just another health risk. This is why it is essential to carefully select the clothes that will make up our underwear: its function will be precisely to let perspiration escape, away from the skin.

He usually comes Cotton is not recommended in the first layer: this fabric, generally appreciated for its fineness, tends to be too absorbent and takes much longer to dry than certain synthetic fabrics, such as polyester. A choice that can also have a strong impact from an environmental point of view. This is why, at Rossignol, for the development of our trail running clothing, we are guided by an eco-sustainable approach. Our recycled polyester has a huge ecological and economic advantage: offers the same quality as a classic polyester product, but by using industrial waste polyester and plastic bottles, we considerably limit the consumption of the planet’s resources, while retaining all the advantages of the new polyester: light weight, quick drying and easy care.

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The middle layer that makes the difference

The middle layer is the intermediate layer, generally composed of softer and lighter garments. A famous example of an intermediate layer? Fleece: retains heat and dries quickly when wet. Another microfiber renowned for its characteristics is the PrimaLoftwidely exploited by Rossignol for its excellent thermal insulation capacity. This layer is especially important when you decide to go trail running and the temperatures are not in your favor. But the action of the intermediate layer is not limited only to heat: this layer must also contribute to remove moisture from the first layer in order to obtain rapid evaporation of sweat: thermal insulation and breathability are therefore the priority functions of these garments.

In the Rossignol range for men’s trail running clothing, we find timeless garments, such as fleece Fleece FZ Nightingale. Warm, alpine-inspired and enriched with details that make it comfortable and versatile. Created in Primaloft, this quick-drying garment is highly breathable, resistant and eco-sustainable.

Hard shell or soft shell?

When, especially in winter, the middle layer is not enough to protect you from cold air, rain and heavy snow, it is necessary to add the third layer, called the outer layer. These garments are also called hard shells or soft shells, depending on their characteristics. Indeed, during the winter season, it is better to choose clothes hard shell (hard shell) whose main characteristic is impermeability.

For light running clothes, on the other hand, the ideal last layer is the Soft Shell. Lighter but just as waterproof, jackets like the Exhaust 2.5L by Rossignol are perfect from the mountain to the street: this technical jacket in its men’s and women’s versions is the most versatile garment in the collection. Protects against rain and wind with a 20,000/20,000 membrane, a additional water repellent treatment and fully taped seams. Walk, take your mountain bike, run without ever fearing uncertain weather. Extremely light, it can be easily folded into its own pocket to be easily transportable and always at hand.

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Backpack or bottle cage?

Like any sport, to better enjoy trail running sessions, there are several accessories: deemed essential, recommended and some definitely useful. To improve your experience and help you choose the best, we have selected some of the best Rossignol products to accompany you on your mountain discovery.

Our collection is equipped with various accessories such as the bottle flask: This 600 ml bottle offers easy access to water for trail running, hiking or Nordic skiing. The soft, flexible design allows you to slip it comfortably and securely into the bottle pocket of our stretch waistband or Trail vest. The valve lifts up for easy drinking on the fly and folds down securely when not in use. A removable tube allows you to stretch it for use with the vest. It folds up on itself when empty to save space. To increase your chances along the way, you can also rely on Rossignol Escaper Belt 3L, ideal for always carrying water and essential accessories with you. The ultralight stretch design, weighing only 38 grams, includes a water bottle pocket, a zippered security pocket and two side pockets. Elastic straps support poles when not in use.

Another essential accessory, especially if you don’t like belts, are backpacks. Choose a backpack and not a bottle cage, although it may seem like an impractical choice, it actually has some advantages. Our models 8L Escaper Active and 25L Escaper Tourfor example, they are the perfect choice to carry everything you need or to store layers of trail clothes that are no longer needed, perhaps at the hottest times of the day, while remaining a backpack compact and space-saving.

In conclusion, to make the most of exploring the mountains in the spring, it is important to have a adequate trail clothing, choosing clothes that are breathable, but that allow you to always stay warm and dry, ready to face even sudden weather changes. Complete the outfit with the right accessories: opt for a simple bottle cage if you want to keep it light, or choose a compact and light backpack if you want to carry more things and maybe store some clothes during the day! Discover all the most suitable equipment on Rossignol.com or come and visit us in our Rossignol Pro Shops.

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