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In the boating world, good boat shoes are essential. Good boat shoes help keep you comfortable and stylish during different activities on the boat. The ideal boat shoes won’t let you slip or leave shoe marks on the deck. Today we’re going to compare two of the world’s most well-known boat shoes, Sebago vs Sperry, highlighting their key differences and similarities.

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Comparison Sebago vs Sperry

Although there are notable differences in the Sebago vs Sperry debate, these two brands have some similarities. Wolverine Worldwide Company owned both of these brands before BasicNet acquired Sebago in 2017. Both boat shoe companies source their products overseas because maintaining quality control is cheaper and easier. Now that you know the basic similarities, let’s look at the differences.


Like most shoes, Sebago Docksides and Sperry Topsiders need a break-in period before becoming comfortable.

Sebago Docksides are considered stiffer at first and the sole feels more anchored to the ground, while Sperry Topsiders are more comfortable and lighter during the break-in period.

If you’re looking for boat shoes that provide long-lasting comfort while standing, then the Sperry Topsiders are perfect. If you want to feel more grounded, Sebago Docksides are more suitable. Anyway, everyone is different, so choose according to your tastes.


Both shoes are constructed with durable materials as they need to withstand the wear and tear of everyday activities. Both shoes use leather, but Sperry uses full-grain leather uppers while Sebago uses unlined full-grain nubuck. The material used by Sebago Docksides is much harder than the top of the Sperry; therefore, it is much stiffer. In terms of overall durability for the money spent, the Sebago Docksides are ideal.

In terms of seams, both shoes are in excellent shape. Although Sperry Topsiders sometimes has quality control issues, it is not common to find structural issues. The soles of both shoes are made of natural rubber which provides good traction without leaving marks on the surface of the boat.

If you are looking for durable boat shoes with a good price-performance ratio, choose the Sebago Docksides. If you’re looking for lightweight yet comfortable boat shoes, go for the Sperry Topsiders.


It doesn’t matter if you have wide or thin feet. You can always find a Sperry or Sebago boat shoe that’s right for you. Since the shoe has to adapt to your feet, it will be easier for it to fit perfectly after a while. The friction of the feet in the shoes is not pleasant and it takes a while for the shoes to stop irritating the skin, but after a while they will improve.

Both shoes offer accurate sizing charts, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a pair that fits you well. If your feet are too wide, ask the supplier for size recommendations to avoid buying the wrong shoes.


Stylistically, there are differences and similarities between Sebago and Sperry shoes. Both use leather, but sometimes the structure of the design varies. For example, the men’s Docksides boat shoe from Sebago and the men’s Billfish Ultralite spot from Sperry Top-Sider have a different design, even though they both use leather and rubber soles.

Over the years, these two brands have featured different designs, some similar and some not. Look at the different models available and choose a style that suits you.

cold factor

Not only are boat shoes only useful on the boat, but they can be worn for any occasion, whether formal or informal. Both Sebago and Sperry have a nice design that suits different looks, so it’s up to you. In terms of color selection when choosing between Sebago Docksides vs Sperry Topsiders, the Sperry brand offers a wider range. If you want a pop of color, the Sperry brand is your best bet. If, on the other hand, you prefer neutral colors, then Sebago is the most suitable.

frequently asked Questions

Are Sebago shoes of good quality?

Yes. Although they entered the market a decade after Sperry shoes, Sebago gained popularity in the 1980s. Thanks to the use of quality leather, good grippy soles and an attractive design , the Sebago are among the best boat shoes on the market. They may take a little longer to adapt to your feet, but the durability of the shoes is excellent.

How do Sebago Docksides fit?

Sebago Docksides are great for the wide range of sizes, which it’s rare to have a problem with. If you have thin feet, you can tighten the different shoe laces for a better fit. If you have wide feet, the shoes will be more comfortable once they fit your feet and won’t cause chafing or irritation.

Where are Sebago shoes made?

Although Sebago is an American brand, the shoes are produced in other countries like Mexico and the Dominican Republic. This is an economical method that most large companies use in the manufacturing sector to avoid high retail prices and deter consumers from buying.

Where are Sperry buds produced?

A few years ago, Sperry Topsiders were made overseas in countries like Indonesia and China, but now some shoes are made in the United States, especially in Maine. The company may still have manufacturing facilities in Asian countries, but there is no significant evidence to support this.

How do you know if Sperry shoes are fake?

The first thing to do is to pay attention to the smell of the shoes and the brand. The new Sperry Topsiders have an unmistakable smell of leather and several parts of the shoe show the branding, including the eyelets. In the original Sperry Topsiders there are no structural errors, in fact the label should be in its usual position and have its typical color. Also, the seams should be even with no dangling threads and the sole should be real rubber rather than synthetic and stamped with the brand.

The Sebago Docksides vs. Sperry Topsiders debate has been going on for a while. The reality is that both shoes have different pros and cons for different people as the taste varies. Both are good shoes that will prove useful for both your boating needs and your fashion tastes. Therefore, try both brands and see which one best suits your needs. Feel free to share which brand is best for you and why in the comments section.

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