Running training program for beginners: how to start and gradually improve

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Who tackles first race it must necessarily take into consideration a series of fundamental aspects that effectively allow to avoid that there may be potential complications when deciding to carry out this type of competitive activity.

Let’s find out now how a good program should be donea in order to avoid injuries and situations that may be less than optimal to handle.

Training program for running:

  • The first stage of training

The first phase of training should focus onAccustom your body to the first efforts.
This means that in the first period it is necessary to carry out light training, perhaps initially practicing brisk walking, but not excessively fast.

During the first two weeks, therefore, it is necessary to carry out this type of training, which has the task of improving physical endurance and above all of accustoming the lower levers to the physical stress that could arise precisely from this type of training.
In addition, it is not necessary to carry out training sessions that are too long: even half an hour every other day is enough, supplemented by a day of rest which must be placed between one training session and another.

During this first phase, it is then possible find the best types of equipment play sports, since both the costume and the best running shoes they represent elements that must necessarily be present.

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Therefore, this particular element that guarantees must be taken into consideration the possibility of avoiding injuries of any kind.

  • The second part of the training

After the first two weeks of training, which must be carried out with extreme caution, it is essential to proceed with the second part of the amateur racing training.

In this case, it must be taken into account that it is necessary to increase the distance of the route traveled.

If, for example, you decide to run a stretch of one kilometer, then in the second part of the training it is necessary double that distance.

Alternatively, it is important to proceed with the same distance, but increasing the pace of the run.

Therefore, the second part of training focuses on improving physical strength and endurance itself, so that legs and cardio can be significantly improved and no special difficulty and troublesome is encountered.

Therefore, even in this case, it is absolutely necessary to take this type of characteristic into consideration, so that the end result can be defined as perfect and therefore that there can only be positive results, avoiding a series of potential situations such as discomfort when performing the exercises and other types of negative characteristics.

Of course, using a tool like the heart rate monitor it allows for all intents and purposes to obtain an improvement in the your physical conditionthus ensuring that the result that can be obtained can be significantly improved and therefore that there are no potential unpleasant situations.

  • Continuation of the running training program

Obviously these are only the first parts that must concern the training that must be done.

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It is also necessary to assess another aspect, namely dramatically improve the quality of your workoutthus ensuring that it can undergo an excellent improvement and a change capable of responding adequately to all its needs.

In this case, it must be taken into consideration that the distance of the path traveled must be increased.

It obviously happens after several weeks of trainingwhich must necessarily be characterized by constancy, which must never fail.
In this case it is necessary to take into consideration the fact that it is always necessary to evaluate the type of path that one wants to approach.

If this, at first, tends to be not very complex and linearover time your body must necessarily get used to the efforts that are made.

Thus, thanks to this set of characteristics, you have the concrete possibility of improving your physical performance, thus avoiding injuries and other situations that can be quite complicated to face.

Thanks to all these aspects, we have the possibility of carrying out an optimal training capable of meeting your needs.

It is therefore a question of implementing a series of measures with which to be able to prevent a series of complications such as, for example, accidents and other conditions that can make the situation anything but easy to manage.

Therefore, with these features regarding training, you have the opportunity to make it perfect and enjoyable in every way, so avoid that running is a dangerous activity to practice.

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