Made-to-measure ski boots: discover the exclusive service

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With custom-made ski boots, you can enjoy your ski days hassle-free

Each foot has different needs, why settle for a standard shoe when you can have custom-made ski boots? Pain and discomfort risk of being the order of the day if the cut does not adapt perfectly to the shape of the sole, the bones or the instep.

We all know how annoying it can be to have an unsuitable shoe, for ski boots the situation is even more delicate. Indeed, during the days spent in the mountains, the only objective is fun: hit the trails at top speed, fully enjoy nature with friends and loved ones, and practice healthy outdoor sports activities. The boots form a whole with your skis, without this harmony it will be really difficult for even the best skiers to give their best on the snow. For this reason, we have decided to offer you an in-depth study of some of the most important tools to guide you in choosing the best ski boots for you.

What to consider when choosing ski boots

The Flex

A very important parameter that you must bear in mind when approaching the choice of ski boots is the Flex, that is to say boot stiffness. This indicator is measured on a scale from 60 to 150.

To guide you, various aspects are usually assessed, including the body size And the talent of the skier. The more the skier is expertthe longer the boot should be rigidthus attesting from 110. Similarly, stiffer flexes are recommended for all men of more robust construction. For the women and for skiers less experiencedgenerally we move towards a flex between 60 and 90.

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The flex index, however, is by no means an official standard. Therefore, it is important to try out the boots and decide for yourself which degree of softness and stiffness best suits your needs, taking into account that the same flex of two boots from different brands can give you very different sensations!

Boot length and width

The ski boots follow the system of Mondopoint numbering, which measures the longest part of the sole of the foot in centimeters. Ski boots are a fundamental piece of equipment, so choose wisely and remember that you won’t necessarily be wearing the same size: a recent study estimated that 75% of skiers choose ski boots two sizes larger! To figure out your shoe size you can put a sheet of paper on the floor, close to the wall, once you have put your foot on the sheet, make sure to keep your heel against the wall and draw a line at the end of your foot.

The width of the boots his name is last, is measured from the forefoot, the widest point of the foot. This measurement is simply found thanks to a drawing of the outline of the foot. Also remember to choose the last one taking into account the precision level you will need: a 92 mm last is reserved for competitive competitions, from 96 to 98 on the other hand it is suitable for expert skiers or with a very narrow foot sole. 100mm is the perfect intermediate level, usually this will suit most skiers. From 102 mm to 104 mm, on the other hand, we find the shape most suitable for skiers who have an extremely wide foot sole.

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skiing style

Once the more generic parameters have been defined, a fundamental step in choosing the perfect boot is the analysis of the ski style. Most brands have different ranges that suit different styles, this is crucial as different types of terrain will require different characteristics of the ski as much as the boot.

Tailor-made boots to find your perfect fit

Navigating through all these features, trying on different shoes and choosing the one that seems the most suitable is a daunting and time-consuming task. For this reason, in the Rossignol Pro-Shops, we have thought of a exclusive tailor-made ski boot service to help you choose and customize your boot.

Foot analysis with 3D scanner

In the Pro Shops of Formigliana (RESUME), Montebelluna (TV), Rome, Udine, Brescia And Verona you can enjoy acomplete foot analysis. Rossignol has introduced a 3D scanner capable of restoring a three-dimensional map of the foot in a few moments, highlighting all these fundamental characteristics for the choice of shoe. This phase represents the first part of the Boot Fitting service, with the analysis of the foot, the type, length and width of the foot will be automatically determined. You won’t have to take measurements and worry about being wrong: our scanner will give the Bootfitter a solid and accurate starting point to advise you. Later, there will be other traditional analyses: in addition to the results of tools like the podoscope this first part of the analysis will provide you with the essential data to choose your boot.

The interventions included in the Boot Fitting service concern the internal volume processing, essential to achieve maximum comfort and precision on the track. Our highly qualified technicians will know remodel the hull thanks to the milling and bending that will go to perfect fit of the bootreducing and eliminating aches and pains at the end of the day.

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Thanks to the wealth of information collected, it will also be easy to find the right sole to practice your sport and achieve excellent performance. Our experts will be able to guide you to the most suitable sole for each type of sport, creating a custom sole if necessary.

At the store in Formigliana (VC) and Brescia you will find the service of Wider boot fitwhich includes not only an analysis with 3D FOOT SCANNER, but it also includes the preparation of the boots Races. Our experts will offer you in particular:

  • Foot analysis and testing of commercial and racing boots
  • Commercial and racing injection liners
  • Fully custom commercial and racing insoles
  • Full race service
  • Touchpoint detection
  • hot deformation
  • Hull elongation
  • Milling
  • Commercial canting and racing
  • World Cup Rise Replacement
  • Resetting boot soles
  • Boot Doc Sole Customization

Do not miss the opportunity to try a service complete 360° and find out how to choose the perfect ski boots for you!

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