Lose weight with amateur cycling: Calories lost, training method and useful accessories

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With the new year have you decided to lose weight to better prepare for summer or to lose the pounds gained during the Christmas holidays?

Self you thought of the bike as a tool to lose weightYou are not wrong!

When deciding to lose weight, there are two sports that non-athletes usually consider: running and cycling.

The difference is that unlike running, amateur cycling has less impact on the joints and on the heart, and is therefore accessible to overweight people.

Amateur cycling therefore does not strain the joints: the saddle indeed supports 60 to 75% of the weight, facilitating the work of the joints. Losing weight by cycling is therefore the best method for those who are not trained or who have weight problems.

Amateur cycling allows, as mentioned, to lose weight and tone the lower limbs. In addition, the greater the starting muscle mass, the greater the calorie consumption and, therefore, the weight loss.

But weight loss is not the only benefit you will get from this sportcycling also increases lung volume, strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 50%.

Lose weight with the bike – Regularity is the key word:

After noticing that cycling is a great way to lose weightit should be noted that good organization and perseverance are also necessary.

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But how to do it? First of all, it is necessary organize more outings during the week and remember to start with short stretches, overdoing it won’t help. With this method it is possible to lose weight on the stomach, legs and buttocks.

It would be ideal to start pedaling three times a week for about 30 to 40 minutesthe. Thereafter, as the body adapts, it will be necessary to increase the km and the speed. However, this step should be gradual.

In the beginning, if you don’t like going out on a bike, you can also use one magnetic exercise bike or an elliptical. However, contact with nature brings many benefits even if it is difficult to create this habit at first.

Two ways to lose weight while cycling:

ways to lose weight on a bike

We immediately assume that there is no foolproof training method lose weight on a bike. You have to adapt this sport to your needs and your body.
That said, let’s move on to illustrating two methods for consuming more calories while cycling:

  1. Particularly slow drives at low speeds
  2. Workouts characterized by sprints and repetitions

These two methods are very different from each otherbecause they burn fat differently.

With the slow pace method, the time spent pedaling the bike andeffort intensity during pedaling are the two elements that make it possible to lose weight.

The pedaling must therefore be extended over time and it must be of low intensity, so choose a flat route. In this case, the time spent on training will be longer.

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Training characterized by sprints and repetitions instead, it allows you to lose weight over the next 24 hours, how? taking advantage of the metabolic variations caused by training. In fact, fat can be burned even at rest.

This method is certainly more difficult, but it takes short durations, even 20 minutes a day. It is characterized by training with intense repetitions and is called High Intensity Interval Training.

As mentioned, there is no perfect methodthe important thing is to adapt the principles that govern the two methods exposed to their characteristics (age, body mass, weight but also the time available).

How many calories do you burn on a bike?

A question you probably asked yourself while reading the articleeven in this case it is necessary to start from an assumption: the variables which come into play in the calculation of the burnt calories are numerous and it is therefore difficult to answer precisely.

Weight loss, in addition to the frequency with which sports are practiced, is also linked to personal factors, such as lifestyle and the state of form from which one starts. There are several studies on this subject, but we can say that approximately in one hour a person weighing 55 kg will consume 660 calories at a speed of 30km/h. Under the same conditions, a 75kg person will consume 1080.

The best solution is to use the tools available on the market to calculate the kilometers traveled and the calories burned, finding the best performance also according to the objectives set.

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It is important to emphasize that It is not possible to lose weight with just traininga meal plan that includes a calorie deficit is also necessary. There are no good or bad foods for losing weight while cycling, the difference is the amount of calories we consume.

Essential accessories for those who want to lose weight by bike:

First of all you will have to start from the bike, if you do not have one yet you will wonder what is the right bike to lose weight.

There is no perfect bike for everyone, it depends on the needs. To begin with, it is better to focus on reliability and functionality.

For example, if you want to practice this sport in the mountains or on gravel, a trekking bike will suit you, alternatively an aluminum road bike or a Mountain bike they will be perfect for beginners.

Also, if you want to practice this sport outdoors, you definitely need a bicycle helmet, while shorts and a cycling jersey are highly recommended. Finally, remember to bring a bottle of water or a water bottle!

That’s all you’ll need to start losing weight with recreational cycling.

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