Klug Watch connected watch: A scam? Works well? Review with opinion

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Klug Watch is a particular model of smart watch which in addition to telling the exact time allows you to connect to the internet, talk on the phone, send messages and check your body. It is worn on the arm like a normal watch but has many features that we are generally used to using on our smartphone.

Klug Watch is growing in acclaim and may become a competitor to the more expensive and advertised models on the Net. Let’s see in detail what the characteristics are, the cost and where it is possible to buy it online.

In terms of functions, this watch is undoubtedly the flagship of connected watches and it is in high demand. A device with great potential and functions, a smartwatch suitable for those who practice sport but also for those who study or work.

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The characteristics of Klug Watch:

Klug watch features

A die strengths of this smartwatch is undoubtedly the display which is of the latest generation. Small 1.3 inch screen IPS with touch mode filter which enjoys high definition and allows you to view images with good resolution and with a brightness that is not affected by external sources and guarantees perfect visibility of the dial. The background can be changed and changed whenever you want.

the the design is exclusive, sober but with a particular character that pleases and involves. Made with quality materials, with good aesthetics and resistance to shocks, falls and accidental events. The smartwatch has technology that makes the device waterproof and safe.

See the Klug Watch offer on the official website – Last pieces on sale

  • Fast and high definition connection

Klug watch is a high definition clock, compatible with both systems android only with AppleiOS. The connection Bluetooth 4.0 it is fast and allows you to connect and exchange data. It is equipped with a HS6620D chip with system 3D surround soundwith color display and 1.3″ touch screen.

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The smartwatch has aautonomy of about 5-7 days, of which 30 in standby, thanks to a battery integrated into the device of 200mAh. the IP67 system is Water-proof. The watch is equipped with several dials which can also be interchangeable.

  • Many functions and activities

Lots of features at your fingertips with this extraordinary smartwatch that’s Compatible with all mobile phones with an operating system Android and iOS. By downloading the free application, it will be possible to connect remotely to your mobile phone using Bluetooth 4.0 technology which is fast, powerful, stable and efficient.

In this way it will be possible to do Phone callsto send posts And navigate on the Internet, in addition to spring Pictures with your mobile phone by directly connecting to the camera with your smart watch.

It’s possible arrange appointments for a whole day and warn them with a memorandum thanks to’artificial intelligence which allows you to set a business reminder to arrange a call, send messages, sms or mails.

See the Klug Watch offer on the official website – Last pieces on sale

  • Control of the body and sports activities and sleep

Play sportswalk and watch your body it will be an easy and immediate experience thanks to Klug watch that in addition to counting steps, the time of a training session and the consumption of calories, monitors here too heartbeatthe pressure blood and amount of oxygen In the blood.

In this way, it is able to monitor many sports activities, from running, walking and swimming to football, basketball, tennis and many other sports and workouts.

The intelligent system allows you to check your physique in real time, thanks to special sensors and a register of health and sports data that are recorded with each activity carried out, in order to be able to calculate the energy expenditure on a daily basis.

Control and surveillance also take place at night. The system, in fact, thanks to the smart sleep function is able to keep track of hours and sleep quality and to alert in the event of particular anomalies linked to the person’s rest.

  • Excellent value

Technological innovation, good quality of materials, possibility of customization and many features are summarized in Klug Watch, a device with a Excellent value and is on par with many models from the best known and popular brands that can be purchased at higher prices.

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the HD color display allows you to view quality images, schedule activities, connect to your smartphone and interact with all digital activities.

See the Klug Watch offer on the official website – Last pieces on sale

Price and where to buy Klug Watch:

But how much does this beautiful connected watch cost? Klug Watch is in offer and comes with a special promotion who saves well 50% on the total price. Instead of €119.80the cost is halved: €59.90 to ensure a super technological and fashionable smartwatch.

The original watch Klug watch it can only be purchased by logging in to official site. A choice of the company, which wants protect its buyers in order to avoid any scams or the purchase of non-original products or copies. You cannot find this smartwatch in stores or various online shopping sites.

Just log in to official site and the purchase is simple and fast: you have to complete the appropriate form present on the platform, a module where you must enter your data, name, surname, address, telephone number and all the data necessary to make the shipment.

The e-mail is not obligatory and you do not have to enter any data of your current account, your bank details or your credit card in the form. The clock will be delivered directly to your home and will be delivered by a courier who will pay for the delivered goods securely and collect the money. Delivery takes place within 48 hours of sending.

Reviews and opinions of those who bought Klug Watch:

Klug Watch reviews

As in every site and for every online purchase, you can find reviews of the purchased product. In this case, on the Klug Watch official website you can read all the reviews, opinions and thoughts of users who have already purchased this smartwatch.

the feedback I definitely have it positivewith many good judgments regarding the various features and functionalities of this innovative device which is put on the market at a promotional price but which has nothing to envy to the various models on the market and also sold at a higher price.

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The score obtained by evaluating the quality and functionality of the product is one high level with a score between 9 and 10 points.

Here are some reviews from satisfied buyers who recommend it:

Pasqual G.: I got this watch for Christmas. I am used to walking and doing sports and wanted a smartwatch to monitor my activities and my body throughout the day. I am very satisfied, Klug watch became the faithful friend of my workouts, both indoors and outdoors: running, cycling and swimming. A trusted personal trainer who monitors all my sports activities and my body is always in good shape.

Mary S.: I’m a teacher and needed a smartwatch to connect to my device and schedule online connections in remote lessons with my students. The artificial intelligence of this device allows you to quickly connect to your smartphone, transmitting all calls, messages and e-mails. From an aesthetic point of view, the watch is elegant and fashionable and I have the option of changing the straps and matching it to my outfit.

Francesco P.: I was very skeptical about buying this product. Among the different brands present online I did not know this device and I did not want to buy it because being cheaper it could be inferior to other models on the market and of lower quality. Finally, my mother gave me this watch by buying it directly from the official website. Klug Watch arrived directly at home in two days. I have to admit that I changed my mind: the watch is great, has a lot of features and a good resolution. It connects easily to the smartphone and allows me to manage all my daily activities.

Carmen S: I work in the office and I always sit in front of the pc to work. In my days, to exercise, I always go for a walk in the park. Thanks to this watch, I can follow my sports activities: the marker is precise and also allows me to keep control over my body. Thanks to the Bluetooth 4.0 connection, I can connect to my mobile phone and while I train, I can answer the phone, send messages and continue working without any problem. Thanks to the smart sleep function, I can also monitor the quality of sleep. With Klug Watch I sleep soundly!

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