How to wash your ski suit: 3 useful tips

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Not everyone knows that you can wash your ski suit, but how? Read on and discover all our tips!

The ski suit it is perhaps the most important piece of clothing when spending your holidays in the snow: it protects us from the cold, snow and rain giving us a unique look. Reading the label is always the first step, but it may not be enough. Follow our 3 tips and find out how best to wash your ski suit!

Wash your ski suit: yes, but in moderation!

It is important that your ski suit keeps yours unchanged over time goods techniques. For that It is not recommended to wash these clothes too frequently. With regular washing, hot water, harsh detergents and improper drying methods, you can compromise the integrity, waterproofness and insulation of your jacket or pant.

Rest assured, it is always possible to wash your ski suit at to finish season or a few times during the season Winter if there should be tasks important (e.g. stains from food, drinks, ashes from fireplaces, etc.). Also, your ski suit may not dry properly after a day on the slopes. In this case, leaders could develop feels unpleasant: this problem can also be solved with a Be careful wash. Another problem could be the lost of goods water repellent: If your wetsuit starts to absorb moisture or snow, you can always use gods Products special after washing to make the fabric waterproof again!

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Professional wash or do it yourself?

I can wash the ski suit, but what is the best way? Many would immediately trust a laundry detergentfor a wash to dry, considered less risky and aggressive. In fact, although a professional wash can give us a sense of security, it may not be the best choice. Always keep in mind which dry cleaners use Products chemists, often not very delicate on clothes. This could damage the waterproofing treatments of the ski suits.

An exception, however, is that of the wet cleaning. Indeed, if it is present on the label, this new professional washing method could be the most suitable for your ski suit. This dry cleaning does not use chemical solvents: thanks to high-tech machines and dryers and the use of soaps without solvents or water, the fabrics are washed gently, even those that previously could only be cleaned with dry.

Wash your ski suit at home

If the label of your garment does not specify this possibility, you can always try the do it yourself! By following a few valuable instructions, you can wash your ski suit safely. First check that your clothes are not wet due to atmospheric agents and/or perspiration. If so, let them air dry first.air to open. If the clothes are badly stained, we recommend that you prewash dirty areas by hand, using a soap delicate it’s a cloth humid. To remember empty your pockets and of close all zipshook-and-loop closures, press studs and to return to your boss. Remember that to wash a ski suit they are needed large amounts of waterSo always think about the dimensions of your washing machine before you start washing.

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Most jackets and the gods Rossignol ski pants they can be washed in the washing machine at 30°, using a detergent liquid and never in the dust. Also, to wash ski clothes, use detergents if possible. ecologicalto reduce the presence of officers chemists. For this reason, you should also avoid using fabric softener: this could damage the technical properties of the fabrics. Obviously, don’t add the bleach and other detergents corrosive. Choose a program for fabrics syntheticand everything will be ready for washing!

After washing: the importance of proper drying

Drying clothing is as important a step as washing. Don’t forget your ski suit in the washing machine! Remember that leaving clothes in the drum for a long time can cause unpleasant odors to form and pleats stubborn in the head. We know you can’t wait to put on your ski suit and go return in Trackbut you will have to wait a few moments: you will first have to To dry to perfection your clothes.

This step can also cause confusion: dry better outside or in the dryer? First, always check the label and check the recommended drying methods. For some costumes, in fact, the dryer is prohibited. Generally we advise you to favor Drying in the open air or whatever natural air indoors: being more delicate on technical fabrics, it avoids the formation of folds (fundamental detail, given that ski suits they cannot be ironed!). Keep your Rossignol clothes far of any The source from Heat extreme (radiators and fireplaces) and direct sunlight. Place your clothes on a flat surface or hang them on a crutch and wait patiently.

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If you need to dry duvets, you can use the dryer small Temperature. But don’t forget to put some tennis balls inside the basket to keep the feathers of thepadding.

Ready to hit the road!

Now that the ski suit is perfectly dry, you are ready to hit the slopes again! the new collections Rossignol snowwear awaits you in the Rossignol Pro-Shops. Trousers And jackets for skiing but also knitwearall very performers from a thermal point of view.

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