How to wash Gore-Tex to keep it perfect

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If you are a sportsman or just love outdoor activities, you know for sure gore tex membrane.

An extraordinary product that has revolutionized the world of sportswear!

Lightness, breathability, water repellent And impermeability are the main characteristics of gore-tex.


If properly treated, a technical gore-tex garment has a very long lifespan.

In this article we explain how to wash gore tex in order to keep its characteristics intact for as long as possible.

How to wash gore-tex

Dirt is the enemy of gore-tex and if you take care of it properly you can count on total protection, excellent performance and LONG LIFE from your technical clothing.

First of all, always read the instructions on the garment label carefully!

Washing Gore-tex jacket

gore tex jacket

After closing all the pockets and zips of your jacket, you can machine wash it by setting a program delicate laundry at 40°C and using a small amount of liquid detergent for delicate items.

We advise you NOT to USE powder detergents, stain removers and bleach which can attack and damage your jacket.

The rinsing phase must be particularly careful, since detergent residues could CLOG THE MICRO-PORES of the fabric and damage it.

To make sure you get rid of any detergent residue, follow with a double rinse and minimize the centrifuge to avoid creases.

Do not wash your gore-tex jacket with heavily soiled clothes. Instead, do separate laundry.

  • you can do To dry your gore-tex jacket naturally, or use the clothes dryer setting a warm and delicate drying cycle.
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Using the dryer for at least 20 minutes involves reactivating the water repellent treatment long term on outer fabric of the head. You can do it whenever you want restore impermeability of your jacket.

  • Gore-tex is safe to wash at home. But if you really have to resort to a Dry cleaningmake sure the solvent right to rinse and that the garment is treated with the water repellent BEFORE DRYING.
  • And if you wash your clothes at home but YOU DON’T HAVE A DRYER?

Without fear! To reactivate the DWR – or water repellent treatment – you can resort to a municipality the iron home made using a gentle, no-steam setting.

For more caution put a lightweight cotton fabric between the jacket and the iron, so that the heat is muffled and does not damage the garment. Fabric distributes heat evenly and ensures that the water repellency is reactivated in the best possible way.

  • NEVER USE anywhere inside the jacket chlorine-based bleaches which being very aggressive could damage your jacket.
  • The main feature of a gore-tex jacket is its water-repellent ability.

If the water repellency cannot be reactivated by washing and drying, you will need to apply a long-lasting water repellent (DWR).

In this case, always follow the manufacturer’s instruction for a new application to have a boss 100% effective!

  • How often to wash the Goretex jacket?

Here the opinions are different, also because a lot depends on the type of use that is made of the garment and therefore on its degree of dirtiness.

It is generally recommended to wash every 10 to 12 days of strenuous activity.

How to wash gore-tex shoes


You know how important it is to be able to rely on effective shoes so you can keep your feet protected and comfortable during sports and outdoor activities.

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There are precise rules to follow if you want to have clean and super performing shoes.

  • BEFORE washing the shoes, remove the laces, using a brush to remove the residues of sand, mud and gravel inside and outside the shoe.

If possible delete insole and insole and clean them separately.

  • If there is stains to remove always follow the manufacturer’s instructions written on the label or attached to the packaging of the shoes. For washing, use a cloth or a Brush and always and only Hot water. We do not recommend the use of specific stain removers which could be too aggressive.

Beware of leather shoes which may require specific treatment.

  • Let your shoes dry naturallyat moderate temperatures and avoid direct heat. Shoes should not stay wet for too long.
  • do it water repellent treatment always check in the instructions which one is recommended by the manufacturer.
  • NEVER USE BLEACH in any part of your shoes!
  • What about unpleasant odors? You can safely use those that are suitable spray products found on the market and which have been specially designed to eliminate bad odors without damaging the gore-tex membrane or reducing its impermeability.

How to wash gore-tex gloves


Not only your feet, but your hands deserve it too maximum protection and comfort that the gore-tex membrane can give!

  • BEFORE cleaning yours glovesshake them carefully to eliminate dirt and mud encrustations.
  • If there is stains to remove you can use a specific stain remover or make a prewashby rinsing the gloves thoroughly before starting the actual washing.
  • Hand wash the gloves in lukewarm water using a small amount of liquid detergent suitable for delicates.
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Do not use the washing machine as this could damage your gloves or very delicate parts of them such as straps and clasps.

Do not use fabric softener as it may reduce the protective ability of the gloves.

  • Dry the gloves first squeeze them gently starting from the wrist and reaching the fingers to evacuate the water.

Position ’em to go wrist downby suspending them by the fingers.

Do not expose the gloves to direct sunlight or heat sources such as stoves or radiators.

If you have a dryer, you can set a drying cycle at low temperature.

Before the gloves are completely dry, you can put them on and make a fist with your hand: this will help them return to their original shape.

  • You may need to redo the water repellent treatment to your gloves and for this reason, always choose a specific product, always checking the instructions of the one recommended by the manufacturer.

Remember that leather gloves are particularly delicate and require a specific leather care product.

  • NEVER USE BLEACH on the gloves as they may be damaged!
  • Do not iron gloves… there is no need and the heat of the iron could damage them.

And finally …

  • Can’t stand yours wet gloves on other garments because dyed leather if accidentally wet can stain and remain permanently mottled.
  • Beware of loops, sharp parts and edges of skis that they could cut or damaged the leather or fabric of your gloves.

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