How to use the food thermos

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The thermos it’s a thermal food container equipped with a hermetic closure which serves to maintain the hot food or cold for several hours.

Maybe you don’t even have any, or maybe what you have is sitting unused somewhere in the kitchen.

But if you think about it, there are plenty of occasions when you might need a food thermos!

When traveling, on vacation, in the office, at school, at university and in everyday lifethis accessory is so practical and useful that you will soon realize that you can no longer live without it.

In our article we explain how to use thermos for food and we are sure that you will be surprised by the ADVANTAGES that this small object offers.

How to use the food thermos

What to put in the thermos?


In the thermos you can put food or drinkin all seasons of the year and on all occasions.

Read these examples to get an idea.

You go out for lunch every day and YOU DON’T WANT to go to the canteen or the restaurant? Maybe you are on a diet and prefer to eat foods you have prepared yourself?

You want to take your lunch break at the park?

Or why not… In the office, taking the opportunity to make the backlog. In this case, an electric lunch box is ideal.

And if you are traveling Do you want the convenience of always having hot milk, coffee or tea with you at the right time? or yours a cooked dish consume during a stop when you decide to stop?

Self you are having a picnic where are you on vacation camping you might just want to have a thermal lunch box who keeps the hot food, can be very large for the whole family or with several compartments to separate dishes and not mix flavors.

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You are by the sea and do you want to provide you with the convenience of always having your favorite cold drink in the right place?

If, on the other hand, you are often on the road for work, you could opt for a thermal lunch box or one warming container being plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter… and thus finally saying goodbye to queues at motorway restaurants or forced stops in fast food restaurants!

The thermos or food warmer will come to your rescue, keeping the food solid or liquid hot or cold thanks to the principle ofthermal insulationa double-walled system – with an empty space in between – which allows maintain internal temperature constant for several hours.

It is precisely the empty space between the two walls that creates the insulation, so the indoor temperature remains constant and is not transmitted to the outside.

How long can food and drink be stored in a thermos?

How long can food and drink be stored in a thermos?

Usually in the instruction booklet accompanying your purchase, you will find – in addition to numerous indications – also that concerning the number of hours during which food or drinks can be kept in your thermos.

In the meantime, let’s assume that an indispensable requirement for the safety of the food contained in the thermos is given by the MATERIAL with which the thermos is constructed. No plastic of course, just steel.

THE insulated containers healthier and safer for the preservation of food are in fact those made of specific stainless steel for the preservation of food because steel DOES NOT ALLOW THE FORMATION OF BACTERIA and does not alter the taste of food.

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And speaking of hygiene… choose a food thermos model easy to wash and with a large cup which can also be washed effectively. This will guarantee you more hygiene and peace of mind.

Thermoses can usually be washed in the dishwasher as well as by hand. To properly clean your thermos, you can always use a soft brush to insert inside to make sure you have completely removed all food residue.

This general rule is all the more true if you use a thermos for your baby’s food.

If your thermos is easy to wash, you will avoid the formation of bacteria and microorganisms in food.

To ensure that the food in the thermos is perfectly preserved, cook your meal and place it in the thermos while it is still smoking.

If, on the contrary, you have a meal that must be kept outsideplace it in the thermos that you have just taken out of the refrigerator, that is, when the food is still very cold.

These precautions will prevent overgrowth of harmful bacteria which could render your MISERIC food unusable or even unsafe to eat.

A very bad surprise to wait impatiently for mealtime, to be hungry and not be able to eat!

In the meantime, here are two practical tips for storing food in the thermos:

  • Once the thermal container is opened, everything the leftover food because it was not consumed during the meal it should not be left in the thermos but must be discarded.
  • If once you have opened your thermos you notice that the food he kept neither hot nor cold as it should, do not eat it. This means that the thermos has not performed its function correctly and the food may not be safe due to harmful bacteria. Better throw it away than risk… right?
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Another useful tip: the biggest mistake what you could do is place a hot meal directly into a thermos at room temperature.

At lunchtime you will find your food certainly less hot than expected, because the passage inside a lukewarm thermos will have made your meal lose a lot of its heat.

We have therefore prepared a small step-by-step guide to ensure that you keep the food in your thermos at maximum heat.

They are only enough a few quick steps to make sure your lunches stay hot until they’re ready to eat!

  • First, it starts by doing to boil the water hot enough to fill your thermos to its maximum capacity.
  • then put the lid back on on the thermos and let stand for a few minutes.
  • Meanwhile prepare your food or finish cooking so that it is hot.
  • While your food is hot to the max, empty the thermos which you have previously filled with boiling water.
  • Fill up fast your insulated container or thermos with hot food. This step should take place as quickly as possible so as not to let the boiling thermos cool down.
  • Close well the lid of the thermos and your meal will be kept warm until ready to eat.

These small steps will become familiar to you in no time and you will adopt them in your daily life when you start using the thermos.

They are used to make the thermos as efficient as possible and make the most of its ability to keep food warm.

The same thing you can do with Cold water if the food you need to keep is cold.

This way the temperature of your meals can be preserved even up to 12 noon!

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