How to set up a camping tent

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How to recognize a camping beginner? Easy: from the tangle of tents, pegs and poles scattered on the ground and the desolate look typical of those who do not know where to start.

Don’t think you wasted your money: take a deep breath, relax and I’ll explain it to you in 5 minutes how to set up a camping tent.

How to set up a camping tent

Don’t be discouraged: you don’t want to take the curtains down before you’ve even put up at least one, do you?

Going step by step, the first step is to gather all the materials you have scattered on the ground and check that there is:

  • Curtain
  • Auctions
  • Pegs
  • Outer fabric
  • Tarpaulin

A word of advice: you can also add a hammer to these few objects to facilitate the insertion of the pegs in the ground.

And now it’s time for real action!

Follow the step-by-step instructions and you will become an expert on assembly tents camping.

1. Step-by-step assembly instructions

Step-by-step assembly instructions

Imagine yourself at the end of the day after a long stage of hiking.

You’ve traversed rugged terrain, braved the elements, put your physical stamina to the test and now that you just want to rest, you’re thinking about how to pitch the tent.

Gather your energy for this last effort before a well-deserved rest!

Properly pitching a camping tent is important for your safety: roll up your sleeves and follow me step by step in this little guide designed just for you.

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2. Check that you have all the necessary components

You are about to open the backpack to check that you have taken everything necessary for assembly, ready for the next step…

Take a step back.

Go back precisely to square one, because that’s where you have to make sure you have all the necessary materials with you.

Think if the weather threatened to rain and you just forgot the outer sheet waterproof: your tent would receive water from all sides!

Or you may have even forgotten one picket and the curtain could fall ruinously on you, making you see the stars, and not just literally.

A quick and thorough check before leaving will avoid unpleasant surprises.

3. Choose the right place


Now that you’re sure you have everything you need with you, look around and find the most suitable place to set up your tent.

First of all the floor this must be:

  • To dry
  • Free of obstacles such as rocks, stones or roots
  • Far from trees, the resin can damage the fabric
  • Slightly angled to allow water to drain away in case of rain

Try to keep some distance from your neighbors for more privacy and to avoid overcrowding.

Finally, if you can, choose a place with a view that will reward you for the effort: even the eye wants it!

4. Remove tent components

Before putting your hand on the backpack to extract its contents, I advise you to spread an oilcloth on the ground: it will form a sort of barrier between the ground and the bottom of the tent to protect it from the humidity.

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And now you can finally start: empty your backpack on this one oil cloth so that the individual components do not disperse and are not damaged.

Finally, choose the orientation of the door and windows according to your preferences: do you want to wake up naturally in the morning? Point to the east and the sun will take care of it directly.

5. Connect the curtain rods


Your tent is about to take shape!

It will look complicated, looking at the pile of rods on the ground, but in reality it is very simple: just connect them (they are often of different colors or numbered), insert them into the buttonholes correspondents and that’s it. Indeed, the tent is finished!

Most tents have two auctions which, when inserted, intersect X on the top of the curtain thus forming the spine.

At this point, simply insert them into the eyelets at the ends of the leaves and the next step will be…described in the next point!

To advise

Each curtain is different, read and carefully follow the pole assembly instructions.

6. Raise the curtain

You have reached a crucial point and you are about to see the result of the work done so far: do not risk ruining everything due to lack of coordination and ask your loved ones for help.

It’s usually quite simple: the inserted auctions must automatically flex and give shape to what, until recently, was just a tangle of fabrics and miscellaneous objects.

7. Drive the stakes into the ground


Wait, you’re almost at the end: it’s time to fix the tend towards the ground.

That’s where I come in ankles, wooden or metal poles pointed at one end, which have the important task of anchoring the tent to the ground and preventing it from blowing away in strong winds.

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If you don’t want to mess things up, follow these simple steps:

  • Thread the pegs through the eyelets at the end of the curtain
  • Fix them to the ground using a hammer if necessary
  • Insert them into the ground at a 45° angle for extra strength

To advise

Choose the pegs according to the type of terrain on which you will be setting up the tent.

8. Add the exterior tarp

Most curtains on the market are not waterproof: how to protect yourself from the rain or simply from the humidity at night?

Easy: just attach the last of the camping tent components, i.e. outer sheet.

The outer sheet is simply laid on the top of the curtain and attached to the rods.

If you have a rope, lift the tarp a few inches above the tent and tie a knot – this will prevent the rain from getting wet.

9. Take it easy!

Take your time setting up your camping tent

You have finally come to the end of the article and now you know like pitching a tent. Would you have guessed it was that simple?

The fact that it is simple, however, does not mean that it is not demanding, far from it.

Putting up a camping tent, especially if you are a beginner, takes a lot of time, even hours.

It is certainly time well invested: extra care avoids unpleasant surprises and makes the stay inside the tent safer and more comfortable.

And have you ever needed to set up a camping tent for your multi-day hikes or for a beach vacation? If you have encountered any problems with the assembly or have any suggestions for us, write to us and let us know.

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