How to choose the right ski goggle for your needs

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Don’t underestimate the importance of a good ski goggle, read on and find out how to choose the best one!

Temperatures drop, mountains they are starting to whiten… it’s finally coming the next season ski. Are you sure you’re ready to take on your favorite races and have everything you need to fully experience your winter? Don’t forget to choose the right ski goggle for you! Read on and find out how to orient yourself in your choice, what to consider and the technologies of latest Rossignol models.

The ski goggle: a fundamental piece of equipment

Ski goggles are an indispensable element that should never be missing in theequipment of each skier respectable, although in the past they were considered essential only in bad weather. Why do you always have to use a ski goggle? Let’s look at some basic points.

UV: protect your eyesight with a ski goggle

A ski mask will be your fundamental ally on the sunniest days. The lenses of the ski goggles prevent fatigue and damage to the eyes by protecting them from the sun’s rays. Don’t forget that at altitude you will be more exposed to the sun, an effect also amplified by the brilliance of the sun on the white snow.

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There are also several treatments which can greatly improve the visibilityfor example by increasing the contrastor by reducing fog lenses. The ski goggles of the new Rossignol collection are equipped with various technologies, specifically designed to make your moments on the slopes unforgettable.

See better and more: protect yourself from wind, snow and foreign bodies

Seeing well is essential during the descents, for yours security but also for that of others. Ski goggles, when worn correctly, allow you to fully cover your eyes, protecting them from wind, rain And snow. Only then will you be able to calmly see everything that is happening around you. Also keep in mind that you can still be affected by debris, branches and small particles that would damage your eyes: the lenses of a ski goggle will protect you in all cases, even during falls more ruinous!

Rossignol ski goggles: between style and innovation

The right ski goggle is therefore a fundamental element that allows you to fully enjoy every moment on the slopes. It’s more than a fashion accessory or a protection Like Sunglasses: The goggle helps you enjoy both sunny days and cloudy skies. Rossignol masks are available in a wide range with options ideal for everyone weather situation and each budget.

Understanding the technical characteristics of the masks is a good starting point for understanding the differences between the different models. Let’s see together what makes a Rossignol ski goggle unique!

Rossignol lenses: discover Zeiss technology

Fruit of a Cooperation unique, the lenses of Rossignol ski goggles have been studied with the real leader in the optical sector: Zeiss. The Sonar technology helps to accentuate the contrastsimproving the definition details and the Perception depth on snow. Shadows, ridges and bumps become more visible, allowing skiers to optimally identify possible hazards. This advanced technology allows you to ski even in conditions subject to constant change, improving your performance at the top Track.

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Choosing the lenses that best suit your needs may not seem easy, but don’t worry! Here is an explanation that will help you better choose your next ski goggle.

Spherical, cylindrical or toric lenses?

Cylindrical lenses are two-dimensional and offer ample horizontal field of view, a detail that has made them appreciated by skiers for a very long time. lentils sphericalon the contrary, they are made from a sphere. Their three-dimensionality offers wide horizontal and vertical fields of vision.

But the research did not stop there: Rossignol toric lenses were also born in collaboration with Zeiss. The main feature of these lenses is their horizontal and vertical curvature: this extends the lateral field of vision and optimizes the size of the mask. Rossignol and Zeiss have combined their know-how to develop a lens that offers field very wide visual, visual performance and maximum comfort, while maintaining compact dimensions to ensure perfect fit with helmet.

Rossignol and Zeiss worked hard to get married performance And comfortguaranteeing an optimal field of vision.

Fog Control and Magne’click: for a ski goggle at the cutting edge of technology

At Rossignol, we believe in the power of a unique balance between aesthetics and Feature. This is why a treatment is applied to the lenses of all our goggles antifog called Fog controlto ensure the maximum visibility possible, whatever the weather conditions.

To avoid having to buy different masks, you can also opt for a model with lentils interchangeable and choose which lens to use depending on the weather conditions. With technology Magne’clic you can change the lenses of your ski goggles in an instant and still enjoy perfect vision! Thank you little one magnets and clip, the lens will always stay firmly fixed on ascend For the whole day.

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Thanks to this latest great innovation, the MAGNE’LENS ski goggle was born, a concentrate of technologies dedicated to those who demand the best on the slopes. the of them lentils double ring and the moss for triple density optimize visual comfort and guarantee perfect fit with the helmet. Glasses wearers will also appreciate OTG technology (Over the Glasses) which, thanks to the preformed foam, on the sides of the mask, offers all the space necessary for the temples of the glasses.

Foam: the comfort of Rossignol ski goggles

the density and the quality foam are fundamentally important things to consider when choosing a new ski goggle. Our masks are all equipped with high quality foam, at different densities: you will find, in fact, masks single, double density or triple, adapted to every need. Our masks also guarantee a perfect sealing without sacrificing comfort, thanks to the super soft fleece lining.

Try to… choose!

The last advice we can give you for choosing the ski goggle is of course to try the goggle on! Only by wearing the ski goggles can you better assess all the features, concerning the differences between one model and another. What are you waiting for? Come and visit us in our Rossignol Pro Shops: you can get advice from a team of experts to choose the perfect ski goggle to live your winter to the fullest!

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