How to choose the most suitable skis

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Choosing the skis that best suit your needs is essential to make the most of your passion.

buy one new pair of skis it can be essential to obtain maximum performance while skiing. But how to choose the skis that best suit your needs? To help you, we have thought of a series of questions that you should ask yourself to better guide you when buying.

Read on and find out step by step how to choose the best ski for you.

What is my level of experience?

The first question to ask when approaching a new pair of skis must necessarily be this. The answer will be essential to be able to evaluate different aspects of your next skis, just think about the Materialto Cut and to form! Obviously not all skiers are able to use the same type of ski, for some it takes technique and a lot of experience, while others are more stable and of course easier to manage.

Where am I going to ski and what is my skiing style?

After defining your level of experience, you will need to understand how the context you are going to ski concretely and which one is yours favorite style of skiing. In fact, the slopes and the snow are not all the same. Also, if you’re a more experienced skier, you’ll probably want to check out the off-road trailsimmerse yourself in nature.

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How to choose the right size skis?

Usually a beginner skier will tend to choose a ski that reaches approx. at mouth levelbut always from 10 or 15 centimeters less than an experienced skier, so you can handle it more easily.

A experienced skier will rather opt for longer skis compared to the above, being able to manage them thanks to the experience accumulated over the years.

The best skis for you: discover the Rossignol range

To fully enjoy your days of skiing, you can always count on a Rossignol ski, whatever your level of experience or your skiing style.

The skis of the range HEROfor example, they are ideal for those looking for maximum performance. Their particularity is to adapt to the needs of real heroes of all ages. There are three categories of skis in this range:

  • Serie A (Athletes): skis intended foruse in competition much appreciated by skiers of the caliber of Federica Brignone and Henrik Kristoffersen;
  • M series (master): directly derived from the A range of racing skis but with non-FIS geometries, ideal for high performance, intended for former athletes, professionals and skiers with great technique and physical preparation.
  • E-Series (Elite): for all skiers, professionals or expertswho are looking for high performance but with less sporting commitment.

But don’t worry, if you can’t carry skis of this caliber yet, you can always count on the Pista REACT range. With this, we have reinvented downhill skiing, giving life to a complete offer intended for all skiers, from experts to beginners who are. Our ambition is to give everyone the opportunity to find the “Flow”, this perfect alchemy between body and mind that allows you to approach the curves in complete serenity. To achieve this, we have combined technologies born from racing and adapted them to each individual.

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Thanks to Flexible state-of-the-art technology, you will be able to channel the energy for an easier entry into the turns while the Line control technology will eliminate part of the counter-flexion to guarantee perfect stability and dynamic control of the curves. L’Oversized dimension linemoreover, it offers extraordinary precision and excellent sealing.

Not just a question of experience: style is essential!

How do you want to spend your days in the snow? In Track or in nature? Whatever your type of skier, we have the ski for you!

With the Ski All-Mountain Experience by Rossignol you will know how to highlight your qualities, approaching any descent with complete peace of mind. We have developed a new construction that combines resistance and control, to offer you a ski that instils serenity and safety. This range benefits from truly exceptional ski-snow contact thanks to the Drive Tip Solution: a complex of fibers and viscoelastic material, which transforms the most hostile terrain into pleasant descents. The new line of All Trail sidecuts is designed to reinforce the action of the heel, while the new All Trail profile, on the other hand, guarantees progressive and fluid absorption of irregularities in the ground.

Black Opson the other hand, it is a range intended for those who choose freeride skis, to those who do not follow the predefined paths, to those who explore the most remote corners of the mountain. Each ski of this line has ideal characteristics to be able to adapt to the possible styles of the skier. Precisely for this reason, Blackops are divided into:

  • Free ride;
  • Freetouring;
  • All Terrain;
  • Progressive freeriding.

In short, always try to keep in mind what you want to try this winter before approaching the purchase, because each category of Rossignol skis is designed for specific needs!

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Man, woman, teenager or child?

The size of the skis it will not only depend on discipline, style and skill level. A determining factor to consider is also the body size.

It is precisely for this reason that Rossignol skis have been enriched with different ranges dedicated to women and their buildings. These include the Pista NOVA range, the All-Mountain Experience Women range and the Freeride BLACKOPS Women range.

Another group of skiers for whom this discourse is particularly important is that of young skiers. Our Junior ranges have been developed to accompany the youngest in their first runs, to allow them to progress while having fun. Teenagers will discover the world of skiing thanks to the Teens family of skis, particularly suitable for freestyle and carving skis. The little ones, meanwhile, can experience their first races with the Junior HERO or EXPERIENCE models.

In conclusion

Live every day like it’s the best ever? This has been our customer ambition for over 113 years! All our ranges of skis are created with the aim of allowing everyone to experience their unique moment: their “Another best day”. Passion and know-how are our main drivers and each ski must live up to your aspirations. To all this must be added our now historic eco-responsible commitmentwhich involves the use of wood cores PECF certificatesthe use of energy from carbon-free sources and the use of recycled materials.

You discover what we have in store for you for the 2021-2022 seasoncome and visit us in our Rossignol Pro Shop where a expert team will be able to direct you to choice of the ski best suited to your needs.

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