Find out why the electric mountain bike is better than the traditional one

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The differences between electric mountain biking and traditional mountain biking are there and they are essential especially in the most demanding mountain routes: find out why choose an e-bike!

From now on the electric mountain bike has won the hearts of many cyclists: in recent times, sales and demand have increased exponentially and more and more enthusiasts are choosing this alternative not only to play sports but also to move around town and in the mountains.

Sport is a fundamental point which we are going to discuss in this article: it is believed, wrongly, that an electrically assisted bicycle does not allow you to train like a traditional bicycle. Electric bikes do not reduce the calories burned and according to the most recent studies they are even healthier than conventional bikes.

Of course there is advantages and disadvantages, such as higher costs and difficult availability. If you’re still undecided or wondering if an electric mountain bike might be right for you, read on and find out everything you need to orient yourself in the purchase!

Electric mountain bikes: is it possible to cover a greater distance?

Mountain bikes can become gods formidable allies in your workouts: they allow you to cover longer distances, relieving effort and providing better acceleration. A more “sporty” drive, not only pleasant but also more accessible, bringing even those who still prefer to limit effort during physical activity closer to sport.

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Thanks to the assisted pedaling, in fact, you may be able to pedal to go to the office, or return from the supermarket with heavy bags without getting too tired. This type of exercise is ideal for those who want to start moving a little more, allowing a progressive and non-stressful approach to the joints. How many times do people decide to start exercising only to find themselves demotivated soon after? Electric bikes allow a more progressive muscular effort, less intense if desired, but still healthy which allows everyone to remain constant over time! The thrust of the engine is especially felt when you get more tired and the general feeling is that of almost having the favorable wind behind you.

Those who are already used to more intense training sessions can still have fun, perhaps inserting a medium-low or low level of assistance, extending normal mountain bike excursions and therefore covering much longer distances. large.

More calories to burn: how does an electric mountain bike help you?

The effort required by an electric bike is certainly lower than that of a standard bike, while remaining similar to that of an uphill walk. Several studies have analyzed the calories burned by an electric mountain bike compared to traditional ones and all the tests speak for themselves: e-bike owners do more activities than conventional cyclists. This happens because those who use an e-bike are driven to use it on average for more hours: even if the effort is less, the overall exercise time is higher.

According to a study by the Transportation Research Lab, traditional bicycles entice people out of their homes an average of 25 times a year. For 46% of those involved in research, this happens up to a maximum of twice a week. Conversely, around 30% of VAE owners go out once a day and 81% use it at least once a week. This results in a probability of using the bike and therefore to make movement almost double compared to owners of a non-electric bicycle.

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With an electric mountain bike you can go where you haven’t been before

Electric mountain bikes have been widely praised, especially for their Versatility. Loved by workers, who have rediscovered the pleasure of making a healthy little move on the commute from home to work, reaching even the most avid sports enthusiasts.

In addition, an e-bike can greatly contribute to eliminating unevenness in groups and with family: between friends or as a couple, everyone can follow, even the less sporty: the assistance allows you to surpass yourself and discover what may be at risk. he future will become a great passion.

You enjoy the course more because you have less effort

Electric bikes are then the perfect choice for exploring the world. the bicycle tourism is experiencing a real boom, also facilitated by the phenomenon of electric trekking bikes. Traveling longer distances becomes more than just a fun but also more practical: The motor can really help when heavy camping gear is at risk of fatigue. Further, with less effort: even a simple walk in the mountains can become the perfect opportunity to enjoy the panorama even more, from truly breathtaking viewpoints!

You will be able to push yourself on the steepest and most tiring routes, those that lead to the best viewpoints, considerably reducing the effort.

Advantages and disadvantages: what are the disadvantages of an electric mountain bike?

Electric bikes have a very low cost of ownership. The cost of recharging an electric mountain bike battery is indeed around a few euro cents. In addition, time-consuming bureaucratic steps such as registration or insurance are not necessary, which effectively reduces the costs to be incurred.

The most obvious drawback, however, is the price: Electric mountain bikes cost significantly more than a traditional bike, but in the face of performance without comparison. Choosing a solution like this will allow you to move more, do it better and discover new routes, new panoramas and go beyond your limits, as well as moving around the city in a completely eco-sustainable way.

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Looking for the perfect e-bike? Discover the Rossignol Mandate Shift range!

Now that you know everything about the world of electric bikes, all you have to do is find the model that really suits you. In the Rossignol Pro Shops you can see and touch the brand new Mandate e-bike range: discover a new way of experiencing cycling. Versatile and versatile, the Mandate Shift, with its XT, Deore 11 and Deore 12 models, will accompany you in your journey on the trails. Embrace new adventures where “faster” and “longer” are the only words that matter. The horst link suspension and aluminum frame provide perfect traction for technical climbs, giving a magical feeling on the descent.

The new Shimano EP8 motor gives you that extra touch you’ve been looking for. Delicate and powerful at the same time, it will give you the confidence and courage you need to travel paths you never imagined before: uphill and downhill.

Electric mountain bikes and technology

Your bike, but increasingly connected: discover the three free apps E-TUBE, E-TUBE PROJECT and E-TUBE RIDE. Connect your pc or smartphone to E-TUBE PROJECT to customize the settings of your bike (custom modes, firmware update, etc.). With the E-TUBE RIDE app, you can instead view the distance traveled by bike on a map in real time, as well as many other data, directly on your phone.

Electric mountain bike prices

Discover it bike from the new Rossignol collection on the dedicated page and come and visit us in the Rossignol Pro Shops. You will be able to choose the perfect electric mountain bike for you and also how to receive it: order it and pick it up at your favorite store, or receive it directly at home!

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