find out how to ski to the top even in summer

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Skiing in summer is possible. Find out how and where by reading the article!

Summer skiing: how to choose the right clothes?

The winter ski wardrobe consists of a series of technical items: jackets, mid layers, waterproof pants, helmets, gloves and much more. What will you need to ski in the summer? What are the clothes that will allow you to ski in complete comfort even when the temperatures become progressively more spring-like?

Skiing in the summer means above all taking the risk of having to deal with higher temperatures compared to the winter season: if very few degrees are perceived at the beginning of the day, in the afternoon it could reach 10°, an already very high temperature if we consider the level of physical effort that skiing requires .

For this reason stratify is the watchword: start with a super breathable technical base layer, a not too heavy second layer and a waterproof and windproof last layer. In general, to make the most of your summer days skiing, we recommend that you avoid cotton and woolen clothesas these fibers are unable to transpire sweat optimally, retaining heat and moisture when in contact with the skin.

L’technical ski base layer it is the best choice for the first layer, because synthetic fabrics are light and at the same time super breathable.

Also he middle layer plays a fundamental role: light and breathable, it should keep you warm in the morning without being too heavy in the afternoon. The perfect garment for these needs is undoubtedly the Basic shirt for men and women Classic with half-zip, a soft next-to-skin design perfect for layering. The fully stretch jersey guarantees maximum freedom of movement and provides warmth in all conditions for any activity on the snow, in any season. Breathable mesh wicks sweat away from the skin ensuring rapid evaporation. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a light, windproof and waterproof jacket as your last layer, you can always count on your ski jacket that you usually use even in winter, the important thing is to always remain light in the layers that you will wear in winter. below.

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Equip yourself and ski all year round!

Despite the mild temperatures, I ski gloves they are an essential accessory even in summer. It is better to favor less padded models, to prevent them from being too hot on the mildest days. For example, our Rossignol Sportchic model. It is ideal for summer days spent on skis, without sacrificing elegance. The soft mesh structure keeps the fingers warm and the tricolor details give the look a chic touch. Ribbed cuffs slip easily inside jacket sleeves to keep the cold out.

For what concern helmetinstead, if possible, you’ll want remove thermal liners internal. Another suggestion is not to abandon the A ski mask, a fundamental ally for sunny days. In addition to protecting your eyes from a high UV factor, intensified by the whiteness of the snow, a ski goggle will allow you to protect a good part of your face and prevent sunburn.

An essential and functional accessory compared to the layers of clothing is then backpack: useful for removing intermediate layers in case of rising temperatures but also for taking energy bars and water bottles with you. The Rossignol UNISEX R-PACK 12L backpack is designed to accompany you on your ski adventures even in the middle of summer. It allows you to keep everything you need close at hand, even during your summer ski sessions, on your bike or on the trails. It features internal pockets for storing snacks and tools and external straps for attaching trekking poles. The fitted back panel and straps conform to the body, so you can move freely and naturally.

Finally, as a last point, remember sunscreen: the sun reflecting on the snow and the glacier can be very intense, do not be fooled by the low temperatures!

Summer skiing Italy: discover the Matterhorn and the Stelvio

Now that you feel really ready and that you have dusted off your equipment, added everything you need to be able to live your passion for skiing even in summer, you will ask yourself: where to ski in the summer?

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Summer skiing in Cervinia in the highest ski area in Europe

There are several perfect destinations for summer skiing in Italy, such as Matterhorn district.
On the Matterhorn it is possible ski even in summer on winter snow, this thanks to the extremely high altitude in which the ski area of ​​the district is located. With its 25 km of slopes, it is the largest and highest summer area in Europe. The glacier is located in Switzerland and is accessible from Breuil-Cervinia by the ski lifts, in just over thirty minutes. It is possible to ski every morning and many teams of national and international renown have always chosen Plateau Rosà to train. Some slopes, generally reserved, are ideal for high-level skiers. But don’t worry, the region offers plenty of slopes well suited to less competitive skiing. Runners can therefore count on Snowpark Zermatt, a huge facility for freestyle skiing on the glacier!

The Stelvio Pass

Another must for skiing in summer is undoubtedly the Stelvio Pass, which represents the largest summer ski area in all of the Alps. The slopes are varied and suitable for skiers of all levels: from beginners to those who want to improve their technique. However, this terrain is widely appreciated by more experienced skiers, who choose it for hiking. sculpture during the summer season. The Stelvio, in fact, is also the favorite destination of the Italian national team, which chooses these mountains to train for the winter. The pass is equipped with a cable car that can take you up to 3450 meters, where you will find 20 km of slopes served by ski lifts. A historical and prestigious place loved by agonists and enthusiasts from all over Europe.

Summer skiing abroad: why Austria?

Austria is one of the most popular alpine countries for skiing. Whether in Tyrol, Styria or Carinthia and Salzburg, the summer ski season is at least as expected as the arrival of the first snow in winter.

There are several glaciers that lend themselves well to summer skiing in Austria, perfect if you want to ski in the summer and add a little trip abroad to your itinerary.

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It is one of the few glaciers open all year round. During the summer, this destination offers 22 km of slopes suitable for all levels, which can however be steep and difficult in some places. lovers of freestylemoreover, they will be able to give their best if they choose to train in the fully equipped Betterpark! The Betterpark Hintertux is the highest and snowiest point in Austria and is considered one of the best snow parks in the Alps. Here, freestyle enthusiasts will find perfect jumps, an ever-changing jib setup and a halfpipe from mid-September through December and from April. to June.


If you are looking for a large ski area open all year round with slopes and a snowpark with many jumps, then the Kitzsteinhorn glacier is for you! It is the most popular place for intermediate skiers and go riders from all over Europe. At the end of the day, it will be possible to rest in the Ice Arena, with its snow beach, its igloo and its bar entirely made of ice. It is also a suitable place for those who do not ski but are passionate about the mountains, since it will be possible to take part in delightful guided and free panoramic excursions, to admire the glacier between July and September.


This glacier, located just above Ramsau am Dachstein, is open 11 months of the year and from the end of May the northern slope offers ideal conditions for skiing even in summer. If you choose this destination, you will find 18 km of slopes and the very popular Horsefeathers Superpark, equipped with boxes, jumps, rails, jibs and tubes for freestylers. Also suitable for non-skiers, it will still be possible to enjoy the Dachstein Ice Palace and the panoramic view of the glacier.

Now that you know what the best locations are and how best to prepare, there are no more excuses. Follow your passion all year round ski even in summer. Choose your destination, whether in Italy or Austria, and discover the pleasure of a summer day spent in the snow!

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