Electric bike: 5 useful tips

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With summer fast approaching, there is a great desire for nature, open spaces, green meadows and, perhaps, a nice bike ride. Today this possibility is really within everyone’s reach, or almost. In fact, even those who don’t feel up to tackling a multi-day itinerary can use a electric bike, the pedal-assisted electric bike. A valid chance for those who are not exactly at the top in terms of training. Practical, easy to use and much less tiring of a traditional bicycle. You can buy it or rent it, it doesn’t matter, what matters is the end! Pedal with a little less effort. Also for this The electric bike is becoming more and more popular.
Traveling by bicycle to new destinations is just another way of spending a different vacation, in the name of relaxation and environmental sustainability, which allows us to leave behind the stress of city traffic, the long lines of waiting in the car. Moving in a “slow” way we also have the possibility of discovering and better savoring the intermediate stages, whose stops, using faster means of transport, we would not even notice them… In this way, even the destination, the end of our journey, will have a fuller and more enveloping taste. And then, smells, scents, landscapes, new people with whom to share a different and somehow unique experience!
If for next summer you pamper the cycling holiday dreamit can be convenient (if at least a bit more expensive) to contact agencies or tours.

Plan your route

Novice cyclist? No problem, but be careful not to overdo it. If you are not particularly accustomed to physical exertion, it is better to opt for a simple path, with few technical difficulties, which allows a quick return “to the base” in the event of a problem. Absolutely not recommended for undertaking very long journeys or excessively tiring routes. The risk is that of not being able to complete the path you have set out for yourself, with the consequent disappointment, which generates frustration. In addition, an excessive fatigue load can make us give up on the next cycling holiday. It is therefore better to start with an affordable route, in short within our reach. Remember that our goal will be tourism, not competition.

Studying the route in detail is one of the basics of the electric bike

Before getting in the saddle, it is very important to know where you are going, research with patience and diligence, with precision and a little in advance, so as not to risk encountering unexpected and/or difficult to solve problems. This is why it is always better to spend the time necessary to study the places to cross as well as those to visit, to understand what may be the difficulties, also and above all practical, that await us along the way. As mentioned above, if you are a beginner, remember to turn to people who are more experienced than you, so that they can tell you the best solutions for moving around in relation to your level of physical and technical preparation. Otherwise, it is now easy to find on the internet dedicated sites or blogs. There is also the possibility of consulting specific paper guides.

Prepare yourself first (don’t underestimate the importance of proper pre-trip training)

To cycle tour on e-bikes safely and peacefully, you don’t have to be an expert athlete. If your training isn’t up to par with professional cyclists, that doesn’t mean you should give up on the idea of ​​a cycling vacation right off the bat. Either way, it’s also true that getting in the saddle completely out of shape isn’t exactly the best part of life. That’s enough plan small workouts, for a few hours in a row, two or three times a week, trying to maintain a “cruising” speed between 10 and 15 km/h. With this little trick you will be able to pedal without particular problems, with good distances, and also appreciate the beauty of the views and glimpses that you will encounter along the way.

Do I have the right e-bike?

If you have not yet bought an electric bike, also taking into account that you are a beginner and you do not know how many times you will use it after your vacation, know that it is possible to rent. If, on the contrary, you are convinced that from now on you will not be able to do without it, well find out before you buy. Today there are models for all tastes and prices. As for the wallet, if on the one hand it also depends on your economic availability how much to spend, on the other hand it is true that, especially if you are a beginner, it makes no sense to start from a top of the range. In any case, it is better to start with a well-made entry-level model, in order to be sure of quality components and construction criteria, instead of aiming for economy at all costs and being disappointed. Taking up a sport or hobby and then “losing” it to unsatisfactory equipment is a real shame.

Do I have the right equipment?

What to do with luggage? Again several possibilities: from the rear rack to the side bags, to the backpack. On the handlebar, or near it, it is advisable to mount a small bag for frequently used accessories (wallet, smartphone, map, camera, etc.). Warning: do not forget the helmet! Luggage should be reduced to the essentials: long and short-sleeved shirts, shorts and long pants, at least one jacket and if your trip lasts several days it is worth having a piece of soap with you to wash your clothes and wash up. Better to waste time with wet hands than to pile dirty clothes in your luggage. Last but not least, one (or more) Bottles of water drink while pedaling.

Eat well = ride well

Pay attention to nutrition, it almost seems like a pun but it can make a difference. Few rules to follow, but fundamental. We obviously start with breakfast, which must be rich in carbohydrates. It is better to reduce milk and its derivatives. Ok for juices, tea, coffee (don’t overdo it) and cereals. Carbohydrates also at lunch, with pasta/bread, rice or cereals, and fruit, for stock up on minerals and vitamins, both of which are needed to sustain physical exertion. At dinner, on the other hand, it is better to put on the table proteins and fresh vegetables (possibly raw): they are used to recover liquids and mineral salts. while pedaling, it is always possible to take dried fruits, and carbohydrate-based supplements. If you take a break, even a slice of cake is a valid alternative. Beware of liquids: water is always close at hand, both while pedaling and during meals. A glass of red wine with dinner is not bad, but in moderation, as it promotes dehydration.
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