Amazon Prime Day 2021: date, predictions, best deals

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L’Amazon Prime Day 2021 it’s just around the corner and you better start getting ready.

And when we say ‘get ready’, we mean that you need to be mentally and physically ready to fill your home with a host of mountain accessories and gear that you may not need until the end of the season. arrival of Prime Day.

Why is Amazon Prime Day so exclusive to shopping?

Amazon Prime Day is quickly becoming one of the best-selling events of the year. The initiative offers up to 48 hours of discounts on everything from the latest technology to hiking and climbing items, from leisure accessories to those for the home…

However, not everyone can enjoy it. As its name suggests, Prime Day is dedicated exclusively to members of the Amazon Prime program.

Not yet a Prime member?

No problem: you have the option to become one for free for an entire month, taking advantage of its many advantages, such as ultra-fast deliveries and more and more services on video, music and reading. In addition, of course, to being able to take advantage of all the Prime Day offers.

Prime Day will officially begin on January 21 and end on June 22. However, as with previous Prime Day events, all discounts are not guaranteed to be available for the duration of the sale.

Flash deals will have a countdown timer, encouraging buyers to buy quickly rather than lose the deal. Others may terminate without notice if items are out of stock.

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Keep in mind that some promotions are already active today, and if you want to avoid the crowds on your shopping days, you can start looking for the right deals for you now.

The important thing is to be prepared!

The best Amazon Prime Day deals usually sell out quickly. To be able to enter the list of happy buyers of the products that interest you the most, with good preparation it is often half the battle.

We’ve listed our top Amazon Prime Day tips below to help you keep the best deals from slipping through your fingers.

  • You should know what to look for, but be flexible:

It is advisable to have clear ideas of what exactly you want to achieve during Amazon Prime Day 2021. This way you can do a little research in advance on the current prices, in order to know for sure if the applied discount really is Prime Day. Interesting.

At the same time, it’s always best to keep some flexibility. For example, if you are looking for a mummy-style four-season sleeping bag, start creating a wishlist in your Amazon account right now and enter all the models you find interesting.

If on Prime Day you realize that none of the previously selected sleeping bags jump out at you, waste no time: look for alternatives with more or less the same features on the fly. That way, you can still take advantage of the deep Prime Day discounts.

  • Arrive early, but don’t rush:

On the first day of Prime Day, it pays to log in early. By doing this you will have a good overview of all the offers. Since many of the best deals will sell out quickly, you’ll also avoid disappointment.

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However, arriving early doesn’t mean you have to rush shopping. Always evaluate each proposal carefully, especially if it is not on your wish list.

If in doubt, wait until you see the next offers.

  • Set a budget, but don’t be rigid:

It is never recommended to rush to buy a product, especially if it is expensive. It’s good to always set a budget that, in extreme cases, you can always play with.

A typical case could be the following: you are looking for a classic 30 liter backpack. On Prime Day, however, a super reinforced and waterproof top model is also available, which you can get for ten euros more.

If this convinces you, it makes more sense to spend a little more on the model that offers you a considerable life expectancy, without exceeding your budget limit too much.

  • Do a price study:

An Amazon price checker such as Keepa or CamelCamelCamel allows you to check the price trend of the selected item, as well as its cost compared to Prime Day last year – don’t forget to watch October 2020, because the Last year’s Prime Day was held in this month.

Once you have a basic understanding of these prices, keep an eye out for discounts and offers over the next few weeks to see how long these fluctuations evolve.

It’s best to aim for a price between the lowest price ever and the last Prime Day price. In an ideal world, this year’s Amazon Prime Day will set a new record, but to be realistic, it’s best to keep such expectations cautious enough to avoid disappointment and confusion throughout the day.

The all-time low price could come from an incredibly profitable and hard to replicate flash sale.

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Reductions ? From now on!

Amazon offers Prime customers exciting promotions related to its services, which you can benefit from now.

If you like the mountains, you will surely want to be always up to date with the different routes, the experiences of life in the great outdoors, high altitude stories… Then you can take advantage of these advantageous promotions:

You get three months free access to Kindle Unlimited, which offers over a million eBooks. On Prime Day, Kindle readers will definitely be available at a discount.

You get free 30-day access to Audible, 30 days, with a rich selection of new releases and classics, plus tons of audiobooks and podcasts. If you confirm your registration, you will receive a €15 Amazon voucher and the subscription is reduced by 20% for one year.

You can enjoy four months of free access to over seventy million songs and numerous podcasts.

and then…

  • Many Amazon Basics sports products are already on sale.
  • If you spend at least 10 euros on the purchase of products offered by small and medium businesses or found in the Amazon Made in Italy, Handmade and Launchpad windows, you will get a voucher of the same amount to spend on Prime Day .


Amazon Prime Day 2021, scheduled for June 21 and 22, offers all Prime members the opportunity to make particularly advantageous purchases on the American giant’s platform. If you haven’t signed up for the program yet, you can take advantage of a 30-day trial period that opens the doors to this unmissable event.

In this article, we have given mountain enthusiasts a few tips on how not to miss the most attractive offers.

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