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You have finally found the perfect skis, after having saved them and having wanted them for a very long time, a new concern will undoubtedly arise in you: how to transport them without damaging them? And this is where a fundamental and underrated part of the equipment comes in, the ski bag.
Indeed, finding the one that suits your ski model and your needs will be the first step towards a carefree mountain holiday. Practical and handy, this bag must be structured to protect your skis making sure they don’t scratch. But not only: a quality ski bag It will also allow you to keep the car away from the snow and ice that will inevitably remain attached to your skis after a day spent at full speed on your favorite slopes! Comfortable and versatile, ski bags can be very useful allies in transporting your equipment.
Choose a strong ski bagwhich adapts perfectly to your outings on the snow may not be easy, so we have come up with a guide that summarizes the main advantages and disadvantages, but also the best tips for choosing the perfect ski bag! Read on and find out how to find the right one for you.

Is it better to choose the ski bag with wheels or without?

Ergonomic handles, double zips, adjustment by buckles: ski bags are only a simple product in appearance. What are the details that can really make the difference when looking for the best way to transport your skis?


The first factor to consider is precisely travel: your skis will most likely be transported to the hotel, via the street or even in the corridors of an airport. For that roller ski bags they are extremely comfortable. This feature is important when you enter the world of ski bags for the first time and is to be considered especially if you have to walk once you have parked your car, but that’s not all! If you have decided to go to the mountains with the whole family or in the company of a large group of friends, wheeled bags can offer an additional advantage.

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The number of skis

It should be kept in mind is precisely the amount of skis you plan to transport: apart from athletes, who need to transport a lot of equipment, why choose a model like the Rossignol Hero roller ski? Roller ski bags allow you to simplify the carrying several skis at once. This rigid and padded ski bag adapts to the needs of great champions as well as those of a family. The large main compartment is equipped with compression belts to prevent the skis from moving, inside you will find plenty of space where you can also choose to store your shoes, jacket and other equipment. THE reinforced handles making carrying the bag extremely easy. These characteristics can also adapt to a large family full of passionate skiers! In conclusion, if you plan to make long journeys on foot, a roller ski bag model certainly has its advantages. Especially if you have two pairs of skis inside and maybe several matching accessories that you can’t live without!

Bags and ski equipment: an essential feature

Choosing a ski bag suitable for transport involves some attention to materials. As we have already mentioned above, waterproofing this is a really fundamental aspect to enjoy your holidays in the mountains without having to worry about getting the trunk of your car wet, for example.
Resistance and long life: these should be the watchwords to move towards a product that can accompany us for a long time in our days on the snow. All Rossignol ski covers are made of a robust polyester 600 denier with waterproof internal coating, to which additional padding can be added.
Once you have identified a bag that meets this basic characteristic, all you have to do is find the one that suits your discipline of choice. An example? the Hero ski bag: a super resistant travel bag, inspired by the World Cup models. It can hold two to three pairs of alpine skis and up to four pairs of Nordic skis, adapting perfectly to your passions. It is made of ripstop polyester and has a waterproof coating to keep contents dry in all conditions. It is even more functional thanks to the full zip, carrying handles and compression straps to stabilize the load.
With Rossignol, you can also entrust your precious skis to Tactic Expandable Ski Bag, ideal for safely transporting a pair of alpine skis on train or car journeys. The design of retractable flaps allows you to adjust the size according to the length of the skis.

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Does color matter?

Often when we talk about skis and gear we tend to only pay attention to the technical aspect, but you know: even the eye wants its part. It is possible to talk about aesthetic for a product like the ski bag?
It goes without saying that the emphasis, even in this case, must be on the practicality of the product: it is important that a ski bag is lightly soiled and long lasting, to ensure that it does not require too much maintenance during the ski season. For this reason, the dominant color is certainly black, a guarantee: no stains will appear and it will not need to be washed often.
Black is the color par excellence it goes with everything, but in the case of Rossignol we decided to add a touch of our iconic orange from the HERO lineto allow even a simple ski bag to better match your outfits, even off the ski slopes.

Quality ski bag or cheap?

If you find yourself online looking for information to approach the purchase of a ski bag, you will certainly be interested in features such as the portability of the bag, the materials and all the advantages of this product. However, if you want a quality hull, a question naturally arises: How much does a ski bag cost? Or rather, how much should it cost? In fact, when evaluating the different offers and various features, it is natural to wonder what might be a fair price and what is, in general, the ideal amount to spend to keep your skis safe while traveling.
Of course, many factors can influence the price and precisely for this reason it is impossible to hold an unambiguous statement for all products. However, by analyzing your needs and the different models, it is much easier to clarify your ideas. For your travels by plane or car, we advise you to buy a ski bag beautiful, resistant, protective, easy to fold and spacious: Rossignol offers a range of diversified products adapted not only to all needs but also to all budgets.
Our racing line it is well suited to the most demanding skiers and sportsmen, thanks to the ski bags equipped with the maximum capacity. Ideal for transporting up to three skis together with boots and equipment, this range of products is positioned at the first stage in terms of quality but also price. If you are looking for a product that gives you the maximum value for moneyyou can always bet on Tactical or Premium range: on a budget of only 70 € you can transport your skis with complete peace of mind.

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In conclusion, a ski bag is a must buy to protect your equipment during travel and vacation. Remember to choose a model adapted not only to the size of your skis, but also to the type of protection it offers. In fact, traveling by car or by plane is very different: in the first case you will not need very thick padding, but in the hold of the plane and in transport your skis could suffer even violent shocks. .
Finally, do not forget your needs: if you want to take a pair of alpine skis and fresh snow skis for example, or if you are a family of passionate skiers, then invest a larger sum, but choose a ski bag that makes your life easier: essential ergonomic handles and wheels!

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